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RRTY Medals

Hi all,

I’m pleased to be able to say that the new batch of RRTY Medals have finally arrived today.  To the thirteen successful RRTY’ers who have purchased and been patiently waiting for your medals, I hope to get them in the post to you on Monday or Tuesday.  I’ve e-mailed a few people to send me postal addresses as I don’t have them on record.

Fleche 2018

Pending receipt of final paperwork from some teams, the provisional Fleche 2018 results have been added to the webpage Fleche 2018

Congratulations to all who attempted or completed this tough challenge, which comes early in the year, and usually with fairly challenging weather.  This year it was cold, but not freezing, and some teams had quite a bit of rain, although winds were not too strong.

Team Flechebombs decided not to start based on the weather forecasts, and 3 members of Team “To Fleche Another Day” were unable to start, leaving Barry Browne and Eddie Dillon to complete their route, but unfortunately not count, as a team must have a minimum of 3 members at the Finish.  Hopefully the other members will “Fleche Another Day” next year.  One member of The Mucky Swans who had never gone more than 100km, managed to get to 180km before deciding to stay put for the night, I’m sure she will be back next year with more experience, to complete the unfinished business.

Well done to Team Scott Orwell who rode very strongly to set a new distance record of 532kms, beating the previous record of 503km set by deRonde van Cork CC in 2016.

Easter Sunday in 2019 falls on 21st April, 3 weeks later than this year, so hopefully the weather might be a bit better then !

Well done to all, and special Thanks to the team members who kept a certain dozy rider upright, awake and on track (sort of) through the wee small hours !

Fleche update

We have great interest in Fleche d’Irlande 2018, with 8 teams, and 35 riders registered.  4 teams are starting from various parts of Dublin, and 1 team each from Limerick, Cork, Blessington and Mullingar.  The majority are aiming for a finish in Collins Barracks on Easter Saturday at 10am.  Most teams have registered fairly safe distances of approx 400km, but Orwell are pushing the boat out with a very strong team, and going for 576kms !

Good luck to all the teams for a safe and successful 24 hour ride !