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Easter Fleche cancelled

Please note that the Easter Fleche will not be going ahead at the moment. I suspect the current “ban” is likely to be extended beyond 29th March, and even if lifted, riders would be under-prepared, and availability of late-night food etc on routes would be very limited. Whether the event is run later in the year will depend on what ACP in France decide, so more info later on that.

Cycling Ireland Cancellations

As you are probably aware by now, CI have cancelled all events until 29th March. This covers Tara 200, Carlingford 300, Gimme Shelter 200 and Titanic Torr 200. Audare 200 was also cancelled by John. Obviously riders can continue to ride permanents, but must have a CI Licence, no one-days allowed. Event entries may be converted to Permanents, or refunded. Please liaise with your event organisers to confirm what you want to do, and I would ask them to coordinate refund requests and group them so I don’t get a hundred e-mails about this !

I doubt if events will be rescheduled, the ban may well be extended past 29th, and in any case there are very few free dates. Fingers crossed that we can beat the virus, and get back to our events soon.

Cheers, Niall