Dublin County Border 200 Permanent

Organiser: Niall Diamond, Mobile: 087 9857894

E-Mail: nialldiamond1@gmail.com

Entry Fee: €5 by PayPal to paypal@audaxireland.org and Cycling Ireland Licence required, no One-days allowed.

Devised during the Covid-19 Pandemic, this 203km route follows the border of County Dublin pretty closely. There is some climbing at the south end of the route, mostly in the first 40kms, but the scenery is nice to make up for it. The coastal sections can be very busy, especially on a nice day, so be warned, and ride with care in the vicinity of heavy traffic, pedestrians, children etc.

The usual proof of passage is required, Photo or Receipt at Controls, or GPS Track. Controls are: Lucan, Balbriggan, Howth, Dalkey.

I highly recommend the Macchiato in CoffeeWorks in Lucan !

Riders can start this route from any point of their choice, and do not necessarily have to do the leg into and out of Dundrum if that doesn’t suit. You may have some distance to go from home to get onto the route, or you can make up the approx 10km shortfall wherever you choose, as long as you follow the main loop, and the ride comes in over 200km. There is an “approved short-cut” at 40.7km (160.8km if riding the Reverse route), which saves 1km and a good bit of climbing. It also involves about 400m of unsurfaced rough track ! It is rideable in dry weather, with wide tyres, but might be best avoided, or walked, otherwise. There are lots of shops and filling stations on most of the route, but there isn’t much on the 50km section between Kilternan and the big Maxol near Grange Castle, so be prepared, and carry some food if required.

RidewithGPS Map: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33465806

The route can also be ridden in reverse, but be warned, there are some steep climbs at Kilteel and Bohernabreena ! On the plus side though, once you get up there, the descent from the Featherbeds to the Finish is almost all downhill for 20km, apart from a fairly short ascent at the Pine Forest.

RidewithGPS Map Backwards: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33355493

Read this page https://www.audaxireland.org/audax/permanents/ for more details on riding Permanents.

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