Event Check List

Aidan Creaner has kindly shared his checklist for Audax events. It’s an excellent template for creating your own…

Bike Check-list – stuff to consider (not bring everything!)

Food: Sambos x 2 per 100k, Creamed rice + Spoon (1 for 300k, 2 for 400k/ night events), Bananas x 2 per 100k. 400k+ have meal in middle.

Drink: 2 Bottles – 1 x Energy drink per 100k (High-5 4:1, 1 bottle, 1 refill packet (coin bag) per additional 100k), 1 x Water per 100k.

Cross-bar bag: Bars (Snickers x 2, cereal & fruit x 3), Gels 2 (in case), Jellies/ sweets (packet), 4 x pain killers, 2 x anti-histamine, ID, money, change of sunglass lens (dark/ clear).

Bike Preparation: Clean & lube (sprockets, chain, cables, bearings, brakes etc.). Clean/ check bike generally, clean rims, check tyres (glass, damage, pressure), brake blocks (roughen if shiny). Check cables, levers, brake alignment.

Me Preparation: Lip-balm/ Vaseline on lips, Chamois cream, Heat patch on back (depending on how I feel, & pack one), Sun-block face/ neck (+ hands/ arms/ legs – weather depending), Ralgex/ Deep Heat cream on back, hams, glutes, thighs. Stretch.

Charge: Phone, Lamps (for night/ long events), GPS.

Bring: Phone, GPS, Painkillers, Cash Bank/ Credit Card, ID, Pencil for controls, Toe Strap/ Camping Strap for raingear etc., Ziploc bags (for routesheet, phone, wallet).

For night/ long events: Spare Lamp front, Spare Lamp rear, Head lamp, Heat pads (back), Spare tyre (for 300k+ events), Spare batteries, Heat pads (feet/ toe) – weather depending, Baby wipes (coin bag), Chamois Cream (small), Lip Balm/ Vaseline, change of base layer, socks, shorts and jersey. Changes of (different) mitts/ gloves/ caps can be good to avoid pressure points problem. Similarly, different shorts rather than the same. Fit/ pack Pannier – tools & tubes near outside, spare clothes in plastic bags. Check lights.

Clothes: Day/ Warm: Shades, Helmet, Mitts, Shoes, Socks, Base layer, Jersey – short sleeve, Shorts, (Rain Jacket, Gilet/ Hi-Viz, Overshoes, carry clear lenses for shades).

Night/ Cold: Shades (clear), Helmet, Shoes, Cap, Buff, Long-fingered gloves, Warm socks, Base layer, Jersey/ jacket – long sleeve, Shorts, Longs, (glove liners, Arm warmers, Leg warmers, Rain Jacket, Gilet/ Hi-Viz, Overshoes, carry dark lenses for shades).

General Tools: Spare tubes x 2, Gear cable, Brake cable, Chain links & split link, Chain tool, Spoke key, Cable ties, Patch kit, Multi-tool (pliers etc.), Allen keys tool set, Tyre levers, Pump, Pump adaptor (for garage air-hose), Plastic Gloves.

Me after event: Bath if possible/ shower if not, Germolene Antiseptic Cream (to treat/ prevent saddle sores), Food (within hour), Water, BED! If multi-day, charge GPS/ Phone, wash out shorts, leave kit to dry and arrange kit for next day, check bike.

Optional: Lock, Antacid tablets, Talcum powder as alternative to Chamois Cream, HydroColloid bandages (Saddle Sores), Basic Bike computer, compression tights, heart rate strap.

Long-distance cycling in Ireland