Organisers Notes

Audax Organisers Notes-2018

For NEW events only: June, the year before your proposed event

Submit draft routesheet and GPS map to Paul O’Donoghue for review.  The committee will consider any requests for new routes.  However we have quite a lot of routes at the moment, and do not need more, particularly in areas which are already well served.  Routes in areas which do not currently have existing routes nearby are more likely to be approved.  NO PUBLICITY should be issued for any new event until and unless it has been approved by the committee.

For existing events – August, the year before your event

Submit your event details to Paul for inclusion in the Calendar: name, distance, start time, start location, entry fee, contact phone number, e-mail, preferred date and payment details.  As agreed at the 2016 AGM, for events being run by Audax Ireland all PayPal payments should be made to the club address and all postal payments should be payable to Audax Ireland, and sent to Andreas Voigt.

Events being run by other clubs will have their own payment arrangements.


Check that all details given are correct. Provide more detailed information for the webpage. It is highly desirable to provide a downloadable map, drawn on RideWithGPS etc.

8 weeks before event

Complete Risk Assessment form using the attached sample from the REK400, and changing the relevant details to suit your own event. If you have any problems with the Risk Assessment let me know, and I will be happy to help.

Sample CI Risk Assessment

Go to the Cycling Ireland Website  enter your details, club etc.  Then select Topic: Events, and Sub-Topic: Risk Assessment.  Then attach your completed Risk Assessment, and enter a message in the box.  If you have any problem with this process send the completed RA to me, and I will upload it for you.

6-8 weeks before event

Announce that you are taking entries on the Audax Ireland mailing list, on the website, on the Audax Ireland Facebook page and on Twitter. Create a thread on

If you’re planning to have manned controls, line up volunteers to work them.

As entries arrive, it’s important to keep them organised. Send an e-mail acknowledging receipt of each entry. I put the entry form in a folder and add the name of the entrant to a Start List spreadsheet.  With the new system of payments coming to the club, organisers should end up very little cash.  PayPal payments come direct to the club, and the confirmation e-mail for each payment will be forwarded to the event organiser.  Note which entries have been paid, and how (PayPal, Cash, Cheque, Personal etc).

3 weeks before (1 day Licence Form and Sign-on Form)

Complete the attached 1-day Licence Form “Event Licence Fees Request Form” and submit it to Cycling Ireland at the webpage

Enter your details, then select: Topic: Events, Sub-Topic: Event Licence Fees (ODL).  Attach the file and send it, and CI will e-mail you back a 1-day Licence Sign-on sheet which is specific to your event.  These are badly laid out in my opinion, so have a good look at the attached sample from the REK and make sure you know what goes where, when people are filling it in.  If possible you should have it completed beforehand, and just get the rider to sign it.

You will also need the attached Sign-on Sheet for all your competitors to sign-on. EVERY RIDER MUST SIGN-ON.  This is a requirement of our insurance.

1-2 weeks before

Perform a final check of the route and make any necessary amendments to the routesheet. Once the routesheet is finalised, e-mail it to all the entrants along with any other information pertaining to the ride. Preferably use pdf format, in addition to Word or Excel so riders who wish to change the layout or format can do so.  Update and resend the same e-mail with any further information for riders, and with the answers to any questions you receive.

 1 week before

Close entries and request Brevet Cards from Paul, including a few extras.  If you want to offer Medals at the Finish, contact Paul for ACP medals, and Niall for Audax Ireland ones.  Any unused medals must be returned immediately after the event.

Ideally print up labels for the Brevet Cards with the requisite information on them. 13 x 5 per A4 sheet and cut to size (or be prepared to do a lot of writing !).

Days before event

Buy any food, Tea, Coffee, Herbal Tea, Paper Cups etc needed.

Get SuperValu (unprinted) ziploc bags to put the cards in.

Print off your final CI sign-on sheet.

Day of event

Arrive at Start at least 30 minutes in advance – it reduces time pressure if you get the early birds signed on as soon as possible.

As riders arrive, check them off your start list, have them sign the CI sign-on sheet (and the One Day Licence form if necessary), and give them their card and routesheet.  Get someone to help – one person gets the sheets signed, the other hands out the cards.

At a few minutes to the hour, deliver your prepared speech with final warnings, hazards, the need to obey the rules of the road, food, sleepiness etc, Emphasise that they should call or text you if they’re dropping out. If you’re riding the event on the day, join them.

If possible, be there at the Finish to check riders back in as they arrive and take their cards. Make sure they sign the card in the appropriate location “Signature at the arrival”, tick the appropriate box if they want an ACP medal, and collect €5 for either the ACP or Audax Ireland Medals, unless they have paid in advance.

If you will not be at the Finish, make alternative arrangements for return of Brevet Cards and Medal payments.

 Week after

The following day, write some notes on how the event went, what worked, what went wrong, how many entrants, how much food was eaten etc. This will really help you when it comes to the following year.

Amend the green bits (date, distance etc) on the attached ACP Homologation Form to suit your event, fill in the Names and Clubs, and email it to Paul and Niall (or post original to Paul O’Donoghue, 12 Tinnapark, Kilpedder, Co. Wicklow).

Post the sign-on forms, one day licence form and one day licence fees (now increased to €5) to Cycling Ireland, Kelly Roche House, 619 North Circular Road, Dublin 7.

As the majority of payments should now come to the club, you may still collect a small amount of entry fees, medal and 1-day Licence fees etc.  You may also have some expenses for food, postage etc.  If you have received cash in excess of your expenses it should be lodged to the club bank account (Ulster Bank, A/C No. 11148598, Sort Code 98-50-20) and notify the Treasurer (Andreas).

If the cash received does not cover your expenses, send details to Niall and Andreas of how much you took in, what you spent, and how much you are owed.  We will arrange a payment by cheque, transfer or PayPal without delay.  Needless to say, the event entry fee should be calculated to at least cover the event costs.

For events where Audax Ireland is the organising club any remaining money after you have covered your costs must be lodged to the club account.  Please ensure you pay all money due to the club without delay, preferably within 2 weeks of the event.  For events promoted by other clubs, the payments for Medals (€5) and Brevet Cards (€0.65) should be paid to Audax Ireland without delay, and details sent to Andreas.  I have attached a template for event accounts which might help to keep track of the money.

ACP have started a new system which means Paul can now print the Brevet Homologation Stickers himself, without having to wait for them to come from France.  These should therefore be back with organisers much faster than before, and all Organisers must ensure that they apply the stickers to the correct riders Card, and return them to the riders without delay.  This will be a big step forward in our service to participants.

There are a large number of events again this year, so it is very important that organisers are seen to be operating in an efficient way, so all paperwork should be handled promptly, e-mails responded to, Brevet Cards and Medals posted without delay etc etc.

If you need any assistance with any of the above procedures you can contact Niall on 087 9857894 or and I’ll be happy to help any way I can.


Most Calendar events are also available as Permanents, which can be ridden whenever suits the rider/s.  No Brevet Cards are required.  Riders must pay a €5 fee to the club.  The organiser sends out a routesheet and GPS map by e-mail, and the rider goes and rides the route.  After finishing, the rider must send his proof of passage (GPS track, photos, receipts etc) to the organiser.  Once satisfied that the ride has been verified, the organiser must notify Senan of the completed ride promptly so it can be included in the log of Permanents ridden, and in the riders total mileage for the season.