Entry Details

Updated for 2021/2022

In accordance with the new Cycling Ireland rules introduced since 2020, all event entries must be made through the online Eventmaster system.  This enables all riders to enter online, pay with Stripe or Credit Card, and “check-in” online before the event.  A Cycling Ireland Licence is required for all entries, this can be any type of Annual Licence, including Leisure, or a 1-day Licence is available for €20.  If you plan to do more than a few events, an Annual Licence is the best option.  If you do not have a valid Annual Licence number when making your entry, you will automatically be charged for the 1-day Licence fee in addition to the event entry fee.  there are also a small percentage of admin fees charged by Eventmaster for providing the service.

This new system provides useful reports to organisers of their event entries, payments, additional purchases etc.  It also enables a cashless and paperless entry and check-in process which is very useful, particularly during Covid Restrictions.  It also reduces the number of e-mails received and processed, e.g from PayPal etc.

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