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Titanic Torr–rally update.

I have been in touch and spoken to the safety martial of the UAC stages rally and, thanks to Andrew H, have studied the details.


None of the roads we are using are closed.

Special Stage 8 starts just to the left of the 51km marking on the above map (Kilnacolpagh road) and that road will be closed to the west/left of where we join it.

Special stage 8 starts at 11:00 – but the road will be closed from 9 and support cars etc. will be in the area.  The rally vehicles themselves will proceed from the previous stage along the same route up the Burnside road (just to the right of the 49km on the above map) from the Carnlabagh road for a distance of approx. 1km.

I checked my time last year and I came through at 10am.  So I would expect all riders to be through before the first car is due (FCD – SS8 10:58).

I have spoken to the safety organiser – cars at this point will not be under race conditions – in fact, like us, they are not allowed to control early so may be resting or going slow.

All drivers and organisers have been made aware of our presence and the roads we are using are fully open to the public with the normal rules of the road in place.

You will know when you approach as you will be descending the first big climb of the day.

If anyone wishes to miss this section then they may follow the alternate route here which crosses the rally’s inter stage route –

@ 45.3km – approx 1/2 way down descent – turn right just before farmhouse onto Drumcrow Road


approx. 2 KM later – straight on at X across Glenview Road – NOTE – exercise caution – rally cars will be proceeding along Glenview road between stages.

At next X turn Left onto Deerpark road signed Carnlabagh.

You will then re-join route @56km – R @ T onto Lisles Hill road – signed Glenarm

Personally I’ll be following the original route as the view along the  Kilnacolpagh is magnificent.

Titanic Torr–route change likely.

Don’t worry – Torr head is open!

I have been informed that the UAC Easter stages rally is running Saturday and we may be in conflict with some of the roads they are using.

I am awaiting further details but this may involve a different outward or return route or both!

I will update the website with new route, routesheet etc. in good time but don’t be programming your gps with last years route quite yet.

If I have to change both inbound and outbound then I’ll be going with this – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27152165 or picking the inbound / outbound as appropriate.

I’ll keep everyone posted via FB / email and web.

Thanks for your patience.


Titanic Torr entries closing Tuesday


Route has been checked – Brian recommends big fat tyres which will simply roll up the climbs.

Can I please have all entries by Tuesday – either send me a form OR just the details off the form (name, address, CI etc.)

Please pay Audax Ireland by PayPal (preferred) or give me the cash on the day.

NO ENTRIES ON THE LINE.  I have to print brevet cards and cycling Ireland sign on stuff in advance and don’t have the capacity to do this on the morning.

Full details – http://www.audaxireland.org/events-calendar/gazetteer/200km-events/titanic-torr-200/