Easter Fleche

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The Easter Flèche is unique in Audax terms in that it is ridden as a team event, and each team devises its own route.  It is a 24-hour ride with the standard minimum Audax pace limit of 15kph, giving a minimum distance of 360km in the 24 hours. It is modelled on the Flèche Vélocio, and is administered by Audax Club Parisien. Traditionally they take place over the Easter weekend, except in far northern countries where there is likely to still be snow on the ground at that time of year.  Traditionally also, the routes of the Flèche in a given country or region meet at a common finishing point, the Flèches (Arrows) aiming at a single target.  2010 saw the inaugural running of the Flèche in Ireland, with Dublin as the finishing point.  Other Finish points have been in Cork, Galway, Mullingar, Derry and DunLaoghaire.

The rules of the Flèche:

1. Teams consist of 3 to 5 bikes (i.e. tandems count as one member of a team).

2. If more than one team wishes to start from the same location, AND ride the same route, their start times must be staggered by a minimum of one hour.

3. The minimum distance is 360km, measured as the shortest distance by road (excluding motorways) between the specified control points.  The route should ideally be point-to-point.  A loop is acceptable but an out-and-back route is not.  No segment of road may be used more than once travelling in the same direction.

4. Each team member should carry their own brevet card.  Time and distance should be noted on the card at each control point, and proof of passage obtained (e.g. shop or ATM receipt with date, location and time, stamp from a garda station etc).  Photos or Video Clips of at least 3 team members at a landmark/signpost will be acceptable for late night/early morning Controls.  At the end of the 22nd and 24th hours of the ride, proof of passage must be obtained and the location and time noted on the card.   At least 25km must be travelled between hours 22 and 24.  During the ride the team may not stop at any location for more than two hours.

5. Teams may not receive assistance from anyone else except in the event of medical emergency, and team members may only draft behind members of their own team.

6. In the event of road closure or similar unforeseen circumstance detours are permissible but proof of passage must be obtained at the furthest point of the detour.

7. A minimum of three members of the team must finish the ride together and declare the same distance for the Flèche to be validated. The Flèche will not be validated if the actual distance ridden exceeds the distance specified in the proposed route by more than 15%, or is more than 20% shorter than planned, or if the distance ridden is less than the minimum of 360kms.  Team members who do not manage to complete at least 80% of their planned ride and exceed 360km will be deemed as non-finishers.

Congratulations to the following riders who have completed the Easter Fleche.


Cyclopaths (411km): Tim Ling, Fintan Brewster, Kevin Lynch

Fleche Eaters (414km): Rory Flynn, Aidan Creaner, Paul Willock, Andreas Voigt

Team HRR (387km): Bernard Flynn, Martin O’Brien, Karen Jack

The Coven (387km): Julie Rea, Valerie Plant, Suzanne White, Helen Kerrane, Beata Golczak

Ultra Riders (407km): TJ Nolan, Darren Maher, Peter Phelan, Daithi Troy, Darran Fitzpatrick


Cool & The Gang (388km): Bernard Flynn, Ollie Greene, Malcolm Keating, Brian Mc Cool, Martin O Brien

Dublin Squealers (402km): Fergus Craddock, Aidan Creaner, Rory Flynn, Shaun O Farrell, Andreas Voigt

Fleche-in-the-pan (390km): Joe Fitzpatrick, Michael Hayden, Valerie Plant

Team Cyclopedia (406km): Darren Maher, TJ Nolan, Peter Phelan, Daithi Troy

The Long Acres (403km): Chris Bloomer, Patrick Goodman, Peter Nedelcev, Oisin Sands


Dublin Squealers 2019 (406km): Andreas Voigt, Aidan Creaner, Paul Willock, Rory Flynn, Fergus Craddock

Team FIDOC (396km): Bernard Flynn, Conor Isdell, Martin O’Brien, Carmel Claffey, Niall Duffy


To Hell or Connaught, part 3 (398km): Andreas Voigt, Niall Diamond, Eoghan Barry, Aidan Creaner, Brian Weadick

The not so famous five (372km): Christy Battenti, Lee McCallum, Katherine Kelly, Padraig O’Murchu

The Beauties and the Beast (369km): Tom Cleary, Pat Nolan, Lorcan Stack

C4SC (377km): Pat O’Hara, Tom Kitt, John Murphy, Padraig O’Connor, Mark Barrett

The Mucky Swans (371km): Helen Kerrane, Michael Kelly, Martin Hayden

Scott Orwell Wheelers (532km): Dave McLoughlin, Michael Cassidy, Balazs Galambos, Eoin Byrne


3 men and a little lady (398km): Aidan Creaner, Andreas Voigt, Helen Kerrane, Niall Diamond

Last ditch attempt (396km): Conor Daly, Danny Moriarty, Seamus O’Dowd

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