Brevet Hiberniae


Audax Ireland presents the Brevet Hiberniae, a cycle touring challenge that you can take at your own pace.   

The objective is to collect proof of passage at all the places of interest set out on this website, travelling to each by bicycle. The landmarks are located across the four provinces of Ireland, with four places to visit in each of the 32 counties.

In return for submitting a photograph of your bicycle at each site, you will receive the honour of Brevet Hiberniae. There is no time limit, the challenge can take as long as you like, years and years, infact, it could be your life’s work!

To keep you motivated, other awards are available along the way. These are certificates for visiting all locations in a single province and a certificate for every single location in each of the 32 counties.​

To get started, see how it works and browse the map of all the interesting locations. Locations are also detailed on the respective province pages:

These pages also state the rules and features an Instagram gallery showcasing pictures taken with the hashtag #brevethiberniae.

Long-distance cycling in Ireland