The Saddlebag

As we all know, you can fit just about anything into a Nelson Longflap, certainly far more than any sane or sensible person would want to lug around on a hilly 300. This is the section of the website for words of dubious wisdom, accounts of derring-do and tales of woe.

Ride Reports

Fear & Loathing in Zwolle (Marc Farrelly)

PBP 2011 – the View from the Front (Paul O’Donoghue)

From Around Down to London-Edinburgh-London (Stuart Maclean)

Tips & Advice

Event Checklist – What To Bring (Aidan Creaner)

Night Riding (Paul O’Donoghue)

Preparing For An Event (Paul O’Donoghue)

Stepping Up To 300k (Paul O’Donoghue)

Long-distance cycling in Ireland