What is a “Permanent”?

Permanents are audax routes that may be ridden on any date, usually by individual riders or small groups. By their nature they will be unsupported, and cannot be used for PBP qualification or any other award validated by ACP. However they do count towards AI Club awards such as RRTY and provide a flexible alternative for people whose schedule makes it difficult to ride calendar events. Typically they can be started from any control along the route, e.g. you could start The Dying Light from Athboy if that was a suitable start location for you.

Please Note: We have checked with Cycling Ireland and they have advised us that any riders officially doing a Permanent ride must have a Cycling Ireland Licence for Insurance purposes.  Unfortunately it is not possible to issue 1-day Licences for Permanents, as they are not in the Cycling Ireland Calendar of Events.  As with all Audax rides, any CI Licence (Leisure or Race) will suffice, including Affiliated to Cycling Ireland with any Club, or Unaffiliated.

How it works

Entry Fee: There is an Entry Fee of €5 for all Permanent Rides organised by Audax Ireland, which is payable to the Club. It can be sent by PayPal to or by post to Andreas Voigt, 12 Brookville Park, Malahide Road, Artane, Dublin 5, D05 F6T2. Please make sure to say who is riding, and which route and planned date you are paying for.

As you can see on the Entry Form, it is possible to purchase an Audax Ireland Medal if you wish, to commemorate your ride (but not an ACP French one).  The medals cost €5 each.  If a medal is ordered, then the route organiser must send confirmation to Niall at to let him know the ride has been completed and that the medal should be sent.

See list of Permanents below, complete a Permanent Entry Form, and send it to the organiser in advance of the date you plan to ride.

Electronic Option (No Brevet Card required)
The organiser can usually e-mail the GPS Map Link, and if required the  routesheet.  You ride the route, collect receipts, photos, or any other acceptable proof of passage as agreed with the organiser.  When finished, e-mail the GPS ride link to the organiser together with the proofs of passage. The organiser will then log the ride with RRTY/Permanents Co-Ordinator Senan, as below.

Snail Mail Option (Brevet Card optional) 
The organiser will send you a brevet card and routesheet/GPS Link for the ride. They may also include details of any Info controls which they deem relevant to ensure the proper completion of the distance. On the day, ride the route, collecting the usual proof of passage at each control. Then post the card and/or proofs of passage to the organiser for validation. Once validated the organiser will post the card back to you, and log your ride with the RRTY/Permanents Co-ordinator Senan Burke, at

Obviously if you want to use cards and think that you might do the route more than once, you could order a few cards at the one time and inform the organiser each time you intend to ride.
Brevet Cards are not required, but some riders like to collect them for all their rides.

As agreed at the 2022 AGM

If an Organiser/Designer of a route decides to stop organising it, as either a Calendar event, or as a Permanent, the club reserves the right to reallocate it to another Organiser, or for the Committee to undertake the Administration, if they decide it is appropriate to do so.

List of Permanents

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