Innisfree 300/400 bridge and entries open

A scout on Friday has revealled that the complete route should now be available as this bridge (@57km) is open.

Also, the 4 cow (machette and tractor wheels required) road section @77km has been upgraded to 3 cow.  In reallity this section is only about 500m long and passed in daylight but still requires caution.

Full details –

PLEASE STOP SENDING ME EURO POSTAL ORDERS.  They’re really not much use to me.  I will accept payments on the day BUT NOT ENTRIES.

Remember – ACP rules only allow you to ride in one event at a time so no entering both or changing half way round.  You can change as long as you let me know before Wednesday 17 August. 

I will allow you to ride them one after the other (Winking smile) ( but will only validate the first one).

Photos – 2016 –

Photos – 2016 organisers ride  –

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