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Innisfree 300 / 400

Still taking entries – please try and get them in this weekend – though I’ve asked for entry central to be kept open till Wednesday.

If you’re tempted by the 300 – (Lord) Paul Burchmore’s advice is you miss the best 100.  (And, IMO, he’s right).

Details on event page.

I may change the route into Enniskillen if I get round to it – though I say that every year!

Antrim 300 entries closing Tuesday

Just in case you need that 300 or just haven’t got enough metres in this month – entries for the mighty Antrim 300(0) are open ‘til Tuesday through all usual stockists.

Full details –

NOTE – new start location – chain reaction cycles car park, Boucher road.

Scratch that – side of old B&Q as always.