A record 10 teams / 42 men & women. 16,000km. It’s the Easter Fleche 2014

The final tally is in, amendments to routes finalised and a record 10 teams will take part in this years Easter Fleche 2014 to Mullingar covering around 16,000 km in total cumulatively.

Factors including the late Easter and the phenomenal growth in long distance cycling as promoted by Audax Ireland, are reasons for these numbers.

Teams & Routes: You can view all the teams, routes and starting schedules here .

Rules & Event Details: Full details about the event and the rules about the Easter Fleche are here . Please have a read through the rules once again to refresh yourself on these.

Night Riding: Be safe and read this great list of do’s & don’ts about Night Riding here .

Going Social #Fleche2014: If you’re a twitter user and follow Audax Ireland, make a shout out about where you are along the road, include photos and anything else that you can with the following tag #Fleche2014 and point it to @audaxireland

Meeting Point for food when finished!

Reynos will be expecting many of you on the Saturday morning. Local man Conor Isdell has had a kind word with them so there might be an extra sausage or two laid on!

Address to Reynos is

5 Blackhall Pl
Mullingar, Co. Westmeath
Phone: 044 93 32686
GPS: 53.524153, -7.344026

You can view the location below taken from Google Maps and clicking on the image will open up the location in Google Maps.

Reynos Cafe Mullingar
Reynos Cafe Mullingar


Finally, to all the people taking part, be safe and enjoy the experience. It’s a one of a kind….

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