A few updates

A few updates to the website:

the start time of the REK 400 has been moved back to 7pm, Friday May 6th, to provide more night-riding experience for those planning on entering PBP this year.

I have added a new section for miscellaneous articles and ride reports – the Saddlebag. The first article is Paul’s essential words of advice on night-riding. Be sure to cast your eyes over that before the REK.

Stephen Gallagher has provided full details of his Around Down 200 – this will be the first audax in Ulster in many years so don’t miss out on what promises to be a very fine event indeed.

2 thoughts on “A few updates”

  1. Perfect! You couldn’t have made this event suit me better if you tried. Finish work at 6 on Friday, dinner, change, and roll up the village to start at 7, back to Dundrum 8.20 the next morning with time for shower and breakfast before starting work again at 9.
    Finally, an audax that I don’t need to take a day off work for.

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