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AGM, PBP Reunion, Awards, general festivities

The club AGM will take place on October 22nd, to be followed by the annual award ceremony/session which this year will also see a reunion of Ireland’s PBP anciens.

6:30pm Annual General Meeting, Bull & Castle (upstairs)

8:00pm Award Ceremony, PBP Reunion etc – Nealon’s, Capel Street (also upstairs)

The AGM is open to all club members – if you’re interested in discussing the direction of the club, or you’re willing to serve on the committee, please come along. If you have any motions for discussion, please submit them to the club secretary (i.e. Marc) for inclusion in the agenda.  If you’re interested in being on the committee or running for office, but can’t make the AGM, again email Marc.

The social is open to all comers – feel free to bring significant others (assuming audax hasn’t ended your relationship for good) and friends.  If you’re owed an SR medal or a Flèche certificate, these will be handed out on the evening so show up for that, at least.  Drop Paul a line to let him know you’re planning to make it – I think he’s a little apprehensive that we won’t fill the room at Nealon’s.