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N2S Test Ride 1


Richard Guthrie texted me this morning having successfully completed the new North to the South route organisers ride.  I will be taking his feedback on the route before finalising. I hope to get round myself starting this Friday pm so I’ll be doing the bits in the light he did in the dark.

In the “non competitive” spirit I will not be revealing his finish time, but I will say it was quicker than any of last years finishers by some margin.

So hopefully this indicates that the 2016 route is a bit less arduous**.

The new route includes a section of the WAW and crosses the peace bridge – so an ideal opportunity for you budding WAWA riders to practice your sprint finishes.

Looking forward to your entries.



** Or just confirms Richard is really quick!

2016 North 2 South route changes


The Lough Swilly Ferry is not currently running, the council are hoping to have it running this summer. So, I have had to change from the traditional route.

(Draft route).

  • Start moved from Boucher Road to Mallusk (North Belfast). Probably Mallusk playing fields but I need to confirm car park is not closed at night.
  • Outward route over Sperrins  – so we’ll be able to see views and road (or lack thereof).
  • Straighter (hopefully easier to navigate) route from Park to Derry.
  • Reversed route round Inishown – so taking Mamore from the easy side.
  • Scenic route from Derry to Buncrana to avoid the main road
  • Return route through Derry over peace bridge.
  • 24 hour McDonalds Coleraine at 325km.
  • Gentle route back to Belfast following Baan cycle route


Of course, there’s still over 4000m of climbing to enjoy, but over 3000m of this is now in the first 250km.