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Brownstuff 400

For those of you still hoping to enter the Brownstuff 400, the last real opportunity to get a long ride in before PBP, I’ll be accepting entries at the meeting in Mullingar on Saturday.

If you can’t make the meeting, but would like to ride the event that makes PBP look like a leisurely coffee shop spin, I’ll accept entry via email (david.bayley@gmail.com) up until Tuesday evening.

Details  – http://www.audaxireland.org/calendar/gazetteer/400km-events/brown-stuff-400/



Return of the Beast

The toughest 400 in the country is back – after several years in remission, the Brown Stuff 400 returns on July 30th with Dave Bayley at the helm.  Taking in (to quote Paul O’Donoghue) every hill in Leinster, this ride will be a test for the hardiest of mountain goats and should not be taken lightly by any cyclist.  More details on the route on the event page, but as the name indicates, you can just get your Ordinance Survey maps out and look for the brown stuff.

Entries to Dave by Friday, July 22nd – there will be no entry on the line for this event.  The ride starts at 6am from the Yellow House pub in Rathfarnham, D14.