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Club Spins – Dublin

We now have club spins taking place on both Saturdays and Sundays.

The Saturday spins leave from the Yellow House in Rathfarnham at 8:30. These are intended to be relatively short, hilly rides, starting around the 60km mark and building up as the season progresses. Contact Eoghan Barry for more details.

The Sunday rides leave from St. Margarets (behind the airport) at 8:30. The pace will be easier and the terrain flatter than the Saturday rides, but the distances will be longer, currently around the 90-100km mark, and there will usually be a cafe stop. Contact Paul Newman for more details.

Which one should you do? Both of them, of course.

Subscribe to the Calendar

The bould Aidan Creaner had the smart notion of putting the calendar up as a public calendar on Google Calendar so that people could subscribe to it.  So I spent a merry hour or so doing just that.  However, it would appear that Google in their infinite wisdom have taken away the option to search for public calendars which will make it a little difficult, I would have thought, for people to find it.

If you use iCal or anything else that works on .ics format, the address to subscribe to the feed is:

In Google calendar, click the triangle right of “Other Calendars” in the sidebar, click “Add by URL” and paste the address in.

In iCal, go Calendar > Subscribe, and paste the address in the box.

You can also view it in your browser.

AGM highlights

The AGM did indeed take place, although we had to relocate from the Bull & Castle to the Lord Edward in order to be able to hear each other talk.  Anyone who made the mistake of showing up was co-opted onto the committee.  Marc Farrelly stood down as Secretary to be replaced by Eoghan Barry, with Noel McNamara filling the resulting vacancy at Treasurer.  Paul O’Donoghue was re-elected President nem con, which he accepted gracefully while muttering something about three year term limits.  A sub-committee was formed with a view to organizing a 1000/1200km in Ireland for 2014 and PR duties for the club were undertaken by Marc and Reuben O’Brien.  Eddie Dunne was voted honorary membership in recognition of his services to audax in Ireland over the years. Doubtless discussion would have carried on for several more hours but we were expected over at Nealon’s and called the meeting to a close.

Full minutes of the meeting will be available on request from the Secretary within the next couple of weeks.