2016–Big year for Big Rides

For anyone planning a long ride next year, Audax Ireland will be running the following next year.


17/06 The Wild Atlantic Way 2100k. This event will be run over 75 hours in Kinsale and finishing in Derry. To the best of my knowledge, Sweden and Australia are the only countries to have run a 2000k before, so the club is going into new terrain with this one. Mastermind for the event is Eamon Nealon.

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29/07 Celtic Knot 1000k. Marcello’s innovative 1000k will be run next year by Rory O’Connor and Bernard Flynn. Start point will be Clara,Co. Offaly.

As always we cannot run these event without the assistance of volunteers, if you chose to ride one it would be greatly appreciated if you volunteered to assist at the other.

                                          See you on the road,


15 thoughts on “2016–Big year for Big Rides”

  1. 240 miles a day for 6 days , I think its going to take me longer than June to prepare for this!
    Great to see you guys getting on the ultra distance organising though.
    Hope it goes well.

    1. It is more like 200 miles a day, since You have six and a half day :: 156 hours x 13.5K=2105K :: 13.K x 24=324K :: Thats 203 miles a day, is it not.

  2. I would be very interested to find out more. Where do I sign up, cost, controls. Please give me some more info!

  3. If anyone is interested there is also this :

    The GDRM is a 2200 k brevet in Italy. I did it in 2014 and 2015 and can unequivocally say that it is by far the best brevet I have ever done It is going to be running again in 2016 and then the organizer plans to take a break until 2020. It is run independent of RM. I am mentioning it here because someone posted that only Sweden and Australia have events over 2000 k.


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