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there are several thousand reasons why we should not quit at Paris Brest. These range from the practical to the personal. Everyone is going to have a bad patch or two at some stage and question what they are doing. There’s nothing wrong with feeling like this, one of the characteristics of a wise randonneur is recognising this. Another is knowing that they will come good after a while and start feeling better.

Long distances can cloud our judgement and tiredness may lead us to make rash decisions. Decisions made under the influence of alcohol may make sense at the time, but won’t necessarily seem practical in the cold light of day. Think of tiredness as having the same effect.

If you are feeling low, never make any decisions until you have eaten, slept and had time to gather your thoughts. When you have done this you will realise that there is only one option and that is to carry on.

5 of the several thousand reasons are:

1. Think of all the time, travel and training that you have spent getting this far.

2. You will be kicking yourself until Christmas.

3. We may never be here again.

4. You know that you can do it.

5. How are you going to get back to Paris? It may take twice as long as riding. Negotiating several train transfers with a bike is not a glamorous proposition on a good day. Think of it on a bad day, reinforcement to carry on. A fairly mundane one, but an important one nonetheless.


one to brighten up your day if you are having it rough.

Ned Flanders – “you were cycling two abreast?”

Homer Simpson – “ I wish! We were cycling to the lake.”

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