Pink Elephant 200

Next up on the Audax calendar, the Pink Elephant 200 starting from Midleton, Co. Cork on March 26th  The opening stretch takes you along the coast road through Kinsale to Clonakilty – all easy rolling with plenty to look at between the sea views, the abundant wildlife and several old buildings.  From Clonakilty the route becomes hillier, almost reaching Macroom before turning back east towards Cork.  Full details here – Kevin would like to have entries by the 16th so get cracking.

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  1. Hi, just noticed this event – is it coincidence that is is called Pink Elephant and is passing our door? Anyway, wanted to let you know we are open Saturday from about 10:30 and generally serve lunch from 12:30. If you think people would like lunch but would be earlier, let us know and we’ll start sooner. Best wishes for the event,
    The Pink Elephant, Bar & Restaurant

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