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the route will be marked with different coloured reflective arrows in both directions, these also state destination. The arrowheads are reflective. It is difficult to get lost, but not impossible. It is important to consider the following points:

– France is a big country, do not assume that French riders automatically know where they are going.

-g.p.s and arrows are great for navigation, but do not neglect the route-sheet. If the other methods fail you should be able to switch to the route-sheet smoothly. Always make sure that your route-sheet is laminated.

– Code GREEN: you are merrily cycling along following arrows/route-sheet.

-Code ORANGE: you have not see another rider/arrow for 20 minutes, check route-sheet and try to pinpoint where your location. Be vigilant.

-Code RED: if you have seen neither rider nor arrow for 30 minutes, there is a strong possibility that you are off route. Consider retracing your path until you pick up the route again. Confirm that you are on the correct route

– Consider wearing a cap at night to give some protection to your eyes. The constant flow of lights on the other side of the road can be disorientating.

– A headlamp allows you to see the arrows from further away, as it can be difficult to see the direction these arrows are pointing from a distance. This allows for a more fluid style of riding as you can pass through the junctions more efficiently without constantly stopping and starting.


with so many countries riding at PBP, it can be a very interesting experience. Conversation might not flow for the full 90 hours as occasionally people will slip into their own little world. If you are feeling sleepy, drift out of the group that you are in but keep them in your sights. This is the safest thing to do and you can focus on the lights ahead of you to keep you motivated until you reach the next control.


August 16-20, we will all be great.