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F is for Flèche


Join cyclists all over the world in searching for the Golden Arches on Good Friday. Find a 24hr restaurant and be seen as a prophet by the rest of your team.

Anyone planning on riding PBP this year should seriously consider riding a flèche this Easter. This will give invaluable experience in planning, night riding and working as a team. The minimum distance is 360k as part of a 3-5 person team, which should be within all PBP hopefuls sights by early April.

Entry details from organiser are below, along with ACP rules. If you are looking for a team send your details to the forum, stating where you are based and your desired finishing  distance.


Just a reminder about the Easter Flèche 2015.  Would those who are planning/trying to get a team together please let me (Niall ndiamond@eircom.net)  know, together with a rough idea of the route – it doesn’t have to be a final version at this stage.  I would like to have an idea how many teams to expect.  I hope to ride myself, and to be at the finish in Mullingar on the Saturday morning from about 9am.  I would like to be there for finishing teams, but I don’t intend to stay for the whole weekend, so it would be great if the majority of teams could try to finish on Saturday, preferably by about 1pm.  If you can’t do that it’s not a problem, you will just have to make arrangements to get your teams Brevet Cards and proofs of passage to me afterwards.

At the moment the Finish will be in Reynos Café again, assuming they’ll have us.

So please get back to me with details of current team members (more can be added, minimum 3 max 5), team name if known, and rough route.  Minimum of 3 team members must complete at least 360km in 24 hours, including at least 25km in the final 2 hours in order to be homologated as a finishing team.

ACP Rules for info.


More details – http://www.audaxireland.org/calendar/gazetteer/easter-fleche/