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Jimmy’s 3 county 400 – entries and map update.

Hi guys / ladies of the Audax , don’t forget this Saturday ,The jimmy’s 3 county challenge covering 400km .Your final preparations for LEL or maybe you just want that 400km to make up your total for the SR series title… registration now open ,go to audax Ireland and follow the links ,,, latest entry taken Thursday [13/07],, Thanks Eamon!!

NOTE – updated map linked from page – http://www.audaxireland.org/events-calendar/gazetteer/400km-events/jimmys-3-county-400/

N2S – head north as far as you can go then turn around.

Already interest in this ride is hotting up with 1/2 dozen victims entrants so get in quick as I’ve a limit of 100.P5090027 (1)

As I said back in 2015

“North to the South – another bright idea of mine.  About the toughest 400km I’ve ever done.”

But the scenery is just breathtaking and ideally timetabled 2 weeks before the first 600 of the year and a month before the Celtic Knot.

It’s a (tiny) bit easier now as I changed the direction last year for ferry reasons so most of the climbing is over by 250km – just windy hill before Coleraine which has both wind and hill.

Full details – http://www.audaxireland.org/events-calendar/gazetteer/400km-events/north-to-the-south-400/

The Lake Isle of Innisfree (300 or 400) – entries open.

I will arise and go now, for always night and day I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore; While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey, I hear it in the deep heart’s core

Two events running in parallel.  Remember – ACP rules only allow you to ride in one event at a time so no entering both or changing half way round.