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The Night of the Swan 300

On the first weekend on June I am organizing a 300k night time brevet. It is an opportunity for anyone headed for PBP to get more experience with night time riding, testing lights, reflective gear and strategies for staying awake through the first night at PBP. It is also available for anyone who may still need a 300k qualifier, or those who are working on the RRTY.

I have organized night brevets on PBP years in the States, and they tend to be small events, but those who participate really enjoy them.

This ride starts in Market Square in Kildare, at 6 pm. Kildare is near the M7, and it is well served by rail and bus lines (including express buses stopping at Kildare Village).Parking is free on Saturday and Sunday. The route takes you to the small village of The Swan in Co. Laois, where I plan to have a staffed control with food and drink through the night. The route goes through The Swan four times, at 44k, 111k, 178k and 256k, making it possible to enjoy riding on good minor roads in rural Ireland when there are no services likely to be available. I can also carry a small bag for each rider from the start to the control in The Swan and back to the finish.

Links to map, entry form and payment info at http://www.audaxireland.org/gazetteer/night-of-the-swan-300. I plan to do my preride this weekend, but I don’t expect any significant change to the route or the ride.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you need any additional information.