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Celtic Knot details

Final preparations for the Celtic Knot brevets are underway. The route for the 600k (which is also the first 600k section of the 1000k brevet) is final.

I am hoping to have all routes finalized, and route sheets sent to riders, on Tuesday evening.

There is still room available for riders on any of the routes. If you want to ride and you have not yet sent me a registration form, please do so now. We need final headcounts for food at the Clara control for the three days.

If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please let me know as well. We will do what we can to accommodate riders.

Please note that all bedding is provided by the Aspire Centre in Clara, but that does not include towels for showers.

We could use some volunteers to help in Clara, especially on Friday evening/night, any time during the hours of 10 pm to 6 am, and on Saturday late afternoon/evening/night, any time during the hours of 6 pm to 6 am. While the event is designed to work with a very small crew, having more people will make it easier for all and help us provide better service to the riders.

Next door to the Aspire Centre in Clara there is a spa that with sauna and Jacuzzi. I am inquiring on availability and prices for Saturday afternoon/evening after the 600k.


Portugal Alem Téjo 2014

(Photos variously borrowed from Randoneurs Portugal facebook, Clare Irwin and Google and even some of my own)

Nice start location.

I’m sure when I look back on it, the three days on this Brevet will rank right up there amongst the best times of my life.  I wish I was a poet or a writer but unfortunately I spend most of my time working my left brain so prose does not come easily to me.

But, if I had to sum it up the experience one word, it would be hospitable.

If your free in 2016 – put this one in your diaries.  I couldn’t recommend it enough.

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