Old School 200

Date: 21st September 2024

Start: Cork (tbc)

Organiser: Mike Law

E-Mail: corkaudax@gmail.com

All entries must be made on Eventmaster only.  Cycling Ireland Licence is required.  One-day Licence is available for €20 if required, this will be charged automatically on Eventmaster if you do not provide a valid current Cycling Ireland Licence Number.

Eventmaster Link: to follow later

Entry Fee:

Ride with GPS Map: No GPS map will be available (See below)


Route Description:

Long before the comforting bleeps of GPS units guided us around Audax courses, route sheets were the preferred method of navigating around the countryside. The “Old School 200” is a throwback to this supposedly simpler time when all you had to do was keep one eye on the milometer, the other on a sheet of paper, and still avoid riding into the ditch.

And just in case riders aren’t busy enough, there will be some suitably “retro” information controls.

The event will be based in Cork and the navigation will not be overly complicated, but participants will not be provided with GPS files of the route.

Plus Fours and acetylene gas bike lamps are optional.

This event will be available as a route-sheet Permanent, but only after September 21st.
Please note that a Cycling Ireland / IVCA annual licence is required to take part in a Permanent. Day licences will not be available. Entry Fee for a Permanent is €5 which should be sent by PayPal to paypal@audaxireland.org

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