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Fleche update

Easter is drawing near, and 8 teams and 36 riders are planning on riding through the night this weekend for the 2015 Fleche 24 hour ride.  Details of the runners and riders for Fleche d’Irlande 2015 are attached.

Fleche 2015-General

The total distance ridden will be just short of 15,000km in 24 hours.  Most teams are playing it a bit safe, with targets of around 400km, with Team 500 Plus going for 510kms, and the best of luck to them.

Our resident forecaster Conor will no doubt keep us posted on the weather situation as it develops during the week, at the moment it looks like it will be improving from Friday morning onwards thankfully.

Reminder of some of the rules:

At least 3 riders must finish the ride together for the team to be successful

The distance ridden can be up to 20% shorter or longer than the route submitted.  However if shorter, it must still exceed the absolute minimum of 360kms.

They must obtain proof of passage at the control points, and at hour 22 and hour 24.  Receipts, Garda stamps, Photos of at least 3 team members with appropriate Town signs or shops/garages which include the Town name, Video clips etc, will be acceptable as proof of passage.

Any riders using GPS should submit their ridden route to the organiser afterwards as part of the verification.

They must ride at least 25kms in the last 2 hours.

Good luck to all the Teams for a successful ride, remember to stay safe with good Lights and High Viz kit.

4 Provinces

Introducing the 4 Provinces Award…..

Following recent discussion the committee has agreed to start an Annual 4 Provinces Award for all riders who complete an event in each Province in the Calendar Year.  The Start location determines which Province an event counts for.  Only Calendar events can be included, no Permanent rides allowed !

This is to encourage riders to travel to events further from home, and experience what the rest of the country has to offer.  There was some debate as to the criteria, but it was felt that it would be best to keep it to one event per Province for this year.  If this is felt not to be enough of a challenge we may review it for next year.

Eamon Nealon has kindly drafted up the Medal design, we’ll see how it translates into the metal soon….

Audax Medal-4 Provinces