Revised Covid details !

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As usual, as soon as you put information out there, it becomes out of date ! There has been a change to the info published recently, all entries must now be made through the online system. This is currently on Eventmaster, and will be moving into the Cycling Ireland system soon, which is also run by Eventmaster.

Audax Ireland – Covid 19 Organisation of Calendar Events

Rule No. 1 – If you feel unwell, or have any of the symptoms of Covid-19, (sudden new cough, problems with taste or smell, shortness of breath, high temperature, etc) you should stay at home, and contact your GP.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to take part in an event if you feel unwell !  If you have paid an entry fee, please contact Niall for a refund, it is easier that trying to transfer the entry to a different event.

All entries must be made on Eventmaster, before the closing date.  Unfortunately we are no longer able to accept entries on PayPal.  No entries or payments will be accepted after the closing date.

There are currently 2 online entry systems overlapping, Eventmaster (direct, where our events are) and the Cycling Ireland Online Entry system, also run by Eventmaster.  Our events will be moving over to the CI system in the near future.  Both systems have a facility called “Online Check-In” which will email all entrants 48 hours before the event, and tell them to log-in online and confirm their entry.  This online registration will replace the current system of a paper-based Sign-on, both for normal entries, and also for the 1-day Licence Sign-on, so there will be no physical requirement to sign-on on the day of the event.

Events which are scheduled to Start or Finish in a county which is on a lockdown should not proceed, and should be cancelled or postponed until the lockdown is no longer in place.

There may not be a physical Brevet Card or Routesheet on the day, some organisers may opt to e-mail a “Virtual Brevet Card”, and Routesheet, which riders can print off themselves before the event.  As many riders like to collect their Brevet Cards, if not used on the day, the originals will be sent by post later, with the Homologation number, and any medals which have been ordered.

There may be a riders briefing, if so, riders should maintain Social Distance during the briefing, however the majority of information should be sent in advance, by e-mail.

There will be no manned foodstops, as it would be impossible to provide this facility safely.  All riders must bring or buy their own supplies along the route.  Riders must carry a mask and hand sanitiser, and must use them when in any shops etc.  Riders should respect any counties which may be in a lockdown situation, and plan in advance not to stop in these areas.  Event Organisers should advise riders if the route goes through an area which is in lockdown, and which section/s of the route are affected.

Organisers are encouraged to set up an optional WhatsApp group and e-mail a link to entrants in advance, who have the choice to join, or not.  For those who wish to do so, they can upload selfies/photos of receipts etc at control points as proof of passage.  This can add to the enjoyment of the event, adds interaction between riders, and lets the organiser keep track of progress.  Alternatively proof of passage can be uploaded to WhatsApp later, or e-mailed to the organiser.  Some organisers may set up a drop box at the finish where paperwork can be dropped, but we want to minimise handling of bits of paper as much as possible.  As a last resort, paperwork can be posted to the organiser in the traditional way, but this must be done promptly to avoid delaying the event administration.

Events with relatively large entry numbers may decide to split starters into smaller groups to reduce the risk of infections between riders.  In general, riders must consider carefully if they are happy to ride in a group under the current circumstances, or if it might be safer to ride on their own.

All riders must review and answer for themselves all the questions on the self-assessment Personal Screening Form.  If you are in any doubt as regards your fitness to participate, you should stay at home !

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