Audax Ireland PBP Jersey

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If you’re looking to buy an Audax Ireland PBP Jersey, the Spin11 online store for purchasing is now open at the following link:

Audax Ireland PBP Jersey

If you recently set up an account for purchasing the regular club clothing, your login details from then will still be valid – you don’t need to set up a new account.

As well as the jersey, it’s possible to order the club shorts too and this time they are also available with a women’s cut pad.

The shop will stay open until the end of Bank Holiday Monday – June 3rd.

One thought on “Audax Ireland PBP Jersey”

  1. Here is a thought on PBP kit obviously 2023.
    I think a Audax Ireland Hi Viz Gilet with three back pockets would be great. Of course use green instead of yellow, a mesh back, and wind resistant front. With two hi viz bands around the chest and a band across the three pockets.
    Aux Japan had a great one from 2019 in pink that really stood out.
    its just so hard to find a good reflective gilet to standard that having one would be great and also really useful for every other long event we do.
    It would be a nice stand out piece of AI kit

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