Audax Ireland PBP Jersey

Hi All,

If you’re looking to buy an Audax Ireland PBP Jersey, the Spin11 online store for purchasing is now open at the following link:

Audax Ireland PBP Jersey

If you recently set up an account for purchasing the regular club clothing, your login details from then will still be valid – you don’t need to set up a new account.

As well as the jersey, it’s possible to order the club shorts too and this time they are also available with a women’s cut pad.

The shop will stay open until the end of Bank Holiday Monday – June 3rd.

2 thoughts on “Audax Ireland PBP Jersey”

    1. Hi Martin, There is no link yet, if you found one it is probably an old one. When the new one is set up, we will put up a post, with the link. It might be a while yet before it’s all finalised and ready to go.
      Cheers, Niall.

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