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Hi all,

After receiving a few queries, we’re putting together another order for clothing. To ensure the delivery of the clothes in time for LEL, the order has to be placed with Watt Custom before the end of the month. Therefore, I’ll be closing orders on Friday 21st April.

To make life a bit easier for everyone (except probably Gary at Watt Custom), instead of having everything shipped to me and then redistributed to each of you, Gary will instead send your items directly to you. This will cost approximately an additional €8 for a standard order – it will be more if you decide to buy two of everything.

The procedure for placing orders is as follows:

1) Browse the price list and size guide and decide what you wish to order. Note that Niall has adjusted this list so that VAT is now included in the prices quoted.

2) Email your order to Be sure to include size and gender of the garments you wish to order and the address where you would like them sent to.

3) As the price list shows, the prices vary according to the total quantities we order, so when I have the full list of desired items, I’ll be able to figure out the final prices and let each of you know your individual total.

4) When I email you your total cost (including shipping), you can pay the owed amount to the club’s PayPal account (

5). Once everyone has paid, I’ll place the order with Watt and then we all sit back and wait for our shiny new jerseys etc. to arrive at our door.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Happy shopping!

All the best,


WATT Custom Clothing-Audax Ireland
  prices incl 23% vat  
Product 1 to 4 5 to 20 21 to 50  
Elite Race Jersey, Micro Material, Full zip €49.96 €41.01 €38.67 Mens or Womens Fit
Long Sleeve Jersey, Warm €55.41 €45.47 €42.89 Mens or Womens Fit
Gilet €55.41 €45.47 €42.89 Mens or Womens Fit
Gilet, Winter €68.67 €56.36 €53.15 Mens or Womens Fit
Autumn Jacket €94.24 €77.34 €72.94 Mens or Womens Fit
Winter Jacket €100.87 €82.79 €78.07 Mens or Womens Fit
Bib Shorts €58.36 €47.91 €45.18 Mens or Womens Chamois
Waist Shorts €49.73 €40.81 €38.49 Mens or Womens Chamois
3/4 Tights €67.83 €55.68 €52.51 Mens or Womens Chamois
Winter Tights €74.82 €61.41 €57.91 Mens or Womens Chamois
Arm Warmers, Warm €17.28 €14.18 €13.38  
Leg Warmers, Warm €24.86 €20.41 €19.25  
Roubaix Hat €14.92 €12.24 €11.55  
Bandana €12.55 €10.30 €9.72  




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