Kings Mountain Sign On

We will be signing on from 6.30 am next Sat due to high numbers (50 plus). Can all entrants present themselves and their bikes to us in Whitehall car park before 6.45am. Their will be a sign on sheet and also a light check, ALL entrants must have two rear and two front lights, if you haven’t got two of each we will give you your 5 E back and we won’t issue a Brevet card, Absolutely no exemptions, you have been told in advance! We highly recommend a reflective jacket be worn in hours of darkness, cyclists need to be seen, especially when cycling in and out of Dublin in darkness.

Sorry for this hard-line attitude, but a small few insist on cycling like ninjas,i.e., in black and invisible!

So please be lit up like Christmas trees, thanks

Paul and Aidan

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