Welcome to the website

Welcome to the new Audax Ireland website – this is the product of a few weekends of concentrated labour from Reuben and myself (I guess that snow was good for something after all).  We will continue to add material over the coming weeks and months. In particular the full calendar is not up yet and I think some class of an index to the routes will also be desirable but we were keen to get it around the same time as the launch of the club.

Broadly speaking, the site is divided into four areas, accessible from the navigation bar below the header: audax, club, calendar and community.  Community links the pages for a fairly simple social networking/online forum area – I think it will be a good area for general banter, ride reports etc. The other three areas should be fairly self-explanatory.

If you have any suggestions for improvements or things that you think are missing, please let us know, either via the contact form or in the comment section below.  Likewise, if you’d like to be able to contribute, let us know and we’ll set you up.

Jan Heine Interviews J-G Faburel

If you’re planning on doing Paris-Brest-Paris in 2011, you should read Jan Heine’s interview with Jean-Gualbert Faburel.  As president of Audax Club Parisien, Jean-Gualbert is as close to the horse’s mouth as you are getting for information on PBP and he has a few things to say that have not yet made it onto the official PBP website.  Most important of all, perhaps, is that they hope to be able to accommodate all entrants.

Audax Ireland joins Cycling Ireland

After a couple of efforts that were stymied by the snow and erratic post deliveries, Paul finally made it into Cycling Ireland’s offices on Thursday to file our application for club status.  Within a few hours emails went out confirming transfer for those who were leaving their old clubs and Audax Ireland was listed on the Cycling Ireland website.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen – 2011 is going to be a big year.

Long-distance cycling in Ireland