Return of the Beast

The toughest 400 in the country is back – after several years in remission, the Brown Stuff 400 returns on July 30th with Dave Bayley at the helm.  Taking in (to quote Paul O’Donoghue) every hill in Leinster, this ride will be a test for the hardiest of mountain goats and should not be taken lightly by any cyclist.  More details on the route on the event page, but as the name indicates, you can just get your Ordinance Survey maps out and look for the brown stuff.

Entries to Dave by Friday, July 22nd – there will be no entry on the line for this event.  The ride starts at 6am from the Yellow House pub in Rathfarnham, D14.


Around Down 200

The first ever running of the Around Down 200 on Saturday July 2nd is fast approaching.  The date for receipt of entries has been extended until Monday 27th June. Entrants are now into double figures – last week I was panicking that no one was going to enter and now I’m getting nervous about how many will enter!  Went for a spin around the course yesterday (by car) for final check of the route (it’s fine).  Hoping for a good day weatherwise as the scenery is beautiful.  Have secured lunch (tea/coffee/sandwiches) for £5 a head (payable at sign in).  Looking forward to seeing you all there.

200k Change-Up

Postponing the Blackstairs 200 knocked over another domino or two – it will now take place this weekend, which was to have been the same weekend as the Holyfort Hills 200. Having checked the roads and deemed them too dangerous, Aidan Brosnan decided it was safest to pull the Holyfort Hills and replace it with a cut-down 200k version of his Surf & Turf 300. The 200k version will take place the same day as the well-regarded 300 – all clear? Clear as mud, says you….

Sunday, June 19th – Blackstairs 200 (see Barrow Wheelers website for details)

Saturday, July 8th – Surf & Turf 200 and 300 (see the Gazetteer)

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