PBP – Pre-Registration and Registration

With the opening of pre-registration and the publication of the regulations for Paris-Brest-Paris 2011, the details of the entry process are becoming clearer.  For most entrants, this will be a three stage process as follows:

1. Pre-Registration

Those who completed BRM brevets in the 2009-10 season can pre-register in order of longest distance completed. Pre-registration is already open for those who completed a brevet of 1000km+ – the remaining dates are as follows:

600km – April 17th

400km – May 1st

300km – May 15th

200km – May 29th

In order to pre-register, you will need the homologation number of your qualifying brevet which you can find on the ACP sticker on the back of the brevet card. If you can’t find the card, get in touch with Paul or Eoghan – we should be able to pull the details for you. Pre-registration books your place in the queue. Go to the Pre-Registration page on the PBP website and follow the instructions there.

2. Registration

On June 11th registration proper begins for those who have pre-registered. In order to register you will need the homologation numbers from three of the four brevets in your qualifying SR series – if you have all four, you can complete your registration at this point. You must register by June 19th or the benefit of your pre-registration will be lost.

On June 20th registration opens to all riders, regardless of brevets completed in the previous year, and places filled by pre-registered candidates who have not registered will be returned to the pool.

3. Finalisation

On or before July 17th you need to log back on and enter the homologation number of the fourth brevet in your SR series. Registration closes at midnight July 17th Paris time, and you will be unable to enter after that point.

A few points to note: there are no restrictions on the order in which you do the brevets in your qualifying SR series – if circumstances mean that you do your 200km after your 300 or your 400, that’s not a problem. It is possible to substitute a longer ride for any brevet in the series i.e. you could ride 300, 300, 400, 600 or 200, 400, 400, 600 or any other permutation of longer rides in place of the standard 200, 300, 400, 600.

Theoretically you could do one or more of your qualifying rides after registration opens in June, but it is very likely that the 6000 available places will be filled very quickly after registration opens fully and it would be unwise to plan on this.

Hollywood 300

This Saturday sees the first 300 of the year, the Hollywood 300. The route is broadly a figure eight, starting from Bray and travelling down the coast before cutting inland through Rathdrum and  Carnew to Bunclody, then south to Enniscorthy and Wexford town.  With luck you will have the wind at your back as you come back up to Gorey then inland through Carnew to Tullow, up the N81 to Hollywood and over the Wicklow Gap back to Bray.  With simple navigation mainly along regional and national roads, and the only major climb being the relatively easy western approach to Wicklow Gap, the Hollywood is an ideal 300 for first-timers and a handy qualifier for PBP hopefuls. (Map of last year’s route)

Entries to Paul O’Donoghue, 12 Tinnapark, Kilpedder, Co. Wicklow – €5 in advance, €8 on the day (download the standard entry form here).

The Hollywood is an unsupported, shoestring event and riders should be fully self-sufficient.  Good lights are mandatory.

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