Gimme Shelter 200

Date: 22nd August 2020 (Rescheduled)

Difficulty/Climbing (from * to *****): ***

Organiser: Mark Hodnett


Entry Limit: 40 riders

Entry is on Eventmaster: Gimme Shelter 200-Rescheduled

Start: Midleton, Co. Cork

Start Time: 08:00

Facilities: Car parking at the start

Route Map: Gimme Shelter 200-2020

The “Gimme Shelter” is based out of Midleton, Co. Cork. Riders head South from Midleton by a series of back-roads to the townland of Inch in East Cork, before swinging around to the North East and starting on a 90 km trek along the Cork and Waterford coasts. While the road offers stunning views along the coastline, it doesn’t offer much in the line of hiding places from strong sea breezes and Easterly winds, hence the event name. On reaching the Waterford Gaeltacht village on An Rinn (Ring), the course curls around to the Northwest, trading sea views for the green fields of the Blackwater Valley. After passing though the iconic Dromara Gate, riders will then reach Cappoquin and Lismore and onwards to the final control of the day in the small town of Rathcormac. The final section takes an undulating back road over the highest point of the day (which, at < 200m, is little more than half the height of the largest climb on the Midleton 200) through agricultural areas and a small wooded glen before arriving back to Midleton and the finish.

Road surfaces are generally good but entrants should be aware that much of the route is on country lanes in agricultural areas and road conditions may deteriorate in sections, with potholes or mud / gravel. The course is rideable on 23mm tyres in good conditions but in poor weather or frost damage, 25s or 28s would be more comfortable. There may be a short section of rideable earth path (though entrants can bypass this if they wish). The route features less climbing and lower elevations than last years Midleton 200 but entrants should be aware that the undulating nature of the coastal section, combined with the high chance of headwinds, means that this is not an easy day in the saddle.
Route navigation can best be described as “busy” in sections. Entrants will be emailed GPS files and route sheets in the run-up to the event.

Cycling Ireland Licence required, 1-day Licence available on the day.

This event is also available as a Permanent for €5 fee.
Please note that a Cycling Ireland annual licence is required to take part in a Permanent. Day licences will not be available for Permanents. The fee should be paid to

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