Crumbling Rocks 200 Permanent

This route is a Permanent only, which can be ridden on a date of your choice, by agreement with the Organiser.

Route Map:

Entry Fee: €5 by PayPal to or by post  payable to Audax Ireland, to:
Niall Diamond, 17 Sandyford Road, Dundrum, D16 H2A2.

Please remember to say which event and which rider you are paying for.

Organiser: Michael Byrne


Route Description

A move to Clonmel in 2017 meant a need to seek out new cycling roads in South Tipp. While fairly local to the area I soon discovered I didn’t really know the local byroads and lanes. On my fairly short wanders I was struck by the amount of old abandoned churches and graveyards in the prettiest of countryside. There’s 20 or so on the route.

The idea of route is simply joining the dots with the quietest of roads and avoiding any major climbing.

The start point is in Marlfield village with the first control at the nearby Protestant church on the banks of the Suir.

The other controls are Knocknagapple (Templetenny) at 59km (a graveyard once visited by a sitting USA president), motorway bridge at 126.4km and Rathcoole cemetery at 151.8km.

Other than the 20 or so graveyards, there are lots of other old ruins along the route. There are also a few 19th Century churches which have been massacred with 1980’s pebbledash, maybe as Ben Sira 9:8 says “avert your eyes”

A few safety points to note

  • Roads are almost entirely narrow and with some very poor surfaces. If your idea of audax is smooth tarmac in the hard shoulder of N roads then you are in for a surprise and hardship. There will be potholes, cowshit and auld lads in jeeps driving both ditches
  • 28mm tyres would be a minimum. I use GP4000 28mm and found them fine. You won’t regret having wider though
  • Around 91km you will have to negotiate Junction 10 of the M8. You are perfectly legal on a bike, but bikes are rare on this junction. Be very careful.
  • Right hand turn at 126km of the old N8 road is dangerous. BE VERY CAREFUL
  • 126.4 to 130km is really poorly surfaced. Depending on your attitude it’ll be the best of worst part of route for you. If you like keeping your bike clean above all else, maybe pick another permanent.

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