1-Day Licences going up

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Below is the text of an e-mail I received today from Cycling Ireland. From 1st February, the cost of a 1-Day Licence is going up from €10 to €20. This is obviously an attempt to push riders into taking out an Annual Licence, and to be honest, at that price I would agree it would probably be the best option. As usual, this fee will be charged automatically on Eventmaster when you enter an event, unless you put in a valid Annual Licence Number.

There will be an option to have the 1-Day fee discounted off the price of an Annual Licence if you decide to upgrade.

The cost of a One Day Licence (Event Licence) for non-members of Cycling Ireland is set to increase to €20. The change comes into effect from the 1st of February 2023.

Cycling Ireland members will not be affected by the measure and will simply pay the event entry fee (and not an ODL) when entering the event. Event entries are processed through Cycling Ireland’s membership and events system which provides access to almost 1,000 cycling events nationwide. Find and enter events here.

This is a necessary step brought about by increased costs and inflationary pressure which have been experienced by organisations nationwide.

Cycling Ireland is a member-focused organisation and seeks to continue growing membership numbers which surpassed 26,000 in 2022. Cycling Ireland membership is designed for all cyclists and includes insurance and benefits.

Click here to see the full list of benefits, including a €20 Cycle Superstore voucher, access to the Training Hub and generous discounts from brands such as Gym+Coffee, See.Sense, Kinetica, Training Peaks and more.

Cycling Ireland encourages people to become members rather than purchase ODLs. Membership not only provides insurance and benefits until the 31st of December 2023 but also contributes to the support and development of cycling across the island of Ireland.

Become a Cycling Ireland member today or find out more here.

Upgrade to membership and pay the difference

From February, if you purchase a One Day Licence (Event Licence), you can now upgrade to a Cycling Ireland Leisure Membership and pay only the difference. A unique discount code will be emailed to you if you purchase an ODL.

What is an ODL (Event Licence) A One Day Licence provides the holder with a level of insurance cover while participating in a Cycling Ireland event. Each ODL is tied to a specific event and is valid for that event only.

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