Resumption of events !

As you may know, we have been told by Cycling Ireland that events can restart from 7th June, in line with “matches without spectators” in the Governments reopening plan. The revised Calendar is available on the Calendar page below. The situation can change at any time, depending on how the Covid 19 situation evolves. Hopefully we will be able to get out and enjoy some good Audax events in the next few weeks and months.

As with the events which ran last year, events will be run on a “non-contact” basis. Paperless sign-on, all entrants must have an annual Cycling Ireland Licence (1-day Licences are not allowed), and all entries must be made on the Cycling Ireland/Eventmaster System. No foodstops will be provided, and depending on entry numbers, starters may be broken up into smaller groups.

PLEASE do not go looking now to enter events immediately ! The entry system is not ready, Risk Assessments have to be provided by the Event Organisers, submitted to Cycling Ireland, and Approved, before any online entry can be set up. When entries are open, details will be posted on the website, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

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